Thursday, April 23, 2009

The N.B.A. play-offs are here and there are a 16 teams to start with but by mid-May there will be only a few teams to contend for the title as N.B.A. Champion of 2009 ,well me and alot of others predict that the 2 teams who will battle it out at the end is the Kobe Bryant Lakers-vs- the Labron James Cavaliers that will be the best 2 teams to me, I was a Laker fan growing up in Flint,Mi. Don`t get me wrong I love my Detroit Pistons but, as all good teams go through the re-building phase as the Pistons are now they will be back,but for now my $$$$$is on Kobe ,Lebron still has some more growing pains to go through, but thats just my opinion, I still don`t like how they select the M.V.P. before the champion is crowned they say Labron is going to get it thats kool but Kobe did`t get on til years later after he had won 3 championship titles heck Magic Johnson won his 1st championship as a rookie with the Lakers but the M.V.P. went to Larry Bird so since then my M.V.P. is the guy who leads his Team to the championship enough said who do you like ?? D-wade Heat, C.P.3 Hornets the Dirk titless Mavericks the K.G. less Celtics I like 3 rings Kobe(don`t call me Jordan) Bryant.