Monday, February 16, 2009

Are we gonna get on the train w/ president Obama

Hello I`m back, lately I have been in numerous conversations at the work,out and about but mostly in the barbershop yes it`s a great place to open up topics from sports to politics etc. but we were talking about what WE as citizens have to do to support Mr. President Barack Obama (I like the sound of that) now that we got him in the "The Hot Seat"(he will handle it well) I feel like on the budget note we need to be more(I have been trying to get better at this and I will ) in tune with our needs and not our wants, yes more controlled spending(me I love the toys & gadgets),because we look at the G.M. issue and alot of us (well not me I live in Michigan) have turned our heads, yet it will have, and is a trickle/ripple effect on auto prices, insurance cost,air travel cost, stress levels will continue to rise along with crime in the hood and suburbs alike the murder rate domestic abuse among children and women has increased the shelters are at full capacity everywhere and least we not forget the homeless numbers are up (yes people with jobs) On a historical note I feel as African Americans we are survivers but why continue to put our backs against the wall, On the educational front many states are faced with closing schools(we will go from 35-18 buildings including 2-new ones 1 high and 1 middle school due to lower enrollment because families are re-locating because of their employment options are better etc. So we don`t need all those old buildings true it`s sad to see some of "old school" buildings hit by the wrecking ball but $$$ wise it`s the best thing to do along with trimming some of these un-needed positions all these extra principals some schools now have 4-5 principals why?? and administration is over rated as well lets put some of those $$$ into better curriculum and supplies for the children, and if uniforms are required the state budget should pickup the tab base in family income levels as they do for breakfast/lunch programs.Part of Mr. President Obamas`(I like saying that LOL!!!) stimulas package(whew yes it finally will be approved) includes training/educational $$$ that if we don`t go after(hell it`s free to us) it they will find other B.S. to spend it on and that won`t help the democratic power base at all they already said he was`nt ready/qualified/smart enough/experienced enough to run the country well I truly feel he`s off to a good start, so yes WE have alot of work to do yet yes remember Dr. King ,Mrs. Rosa Parks, Ms. Harriet Tubman they laid the road now as me and my wife watched the B.E.T. Honors program last night it was also educational for the both of us the Mr. Ervin"Magic"Johnson, Ms. Judith Jamiesons, Mrs.Bea Smith (B Smith Styles) Mary J. Blige Congressman James Clyburn(he walked with Dr. King) of S. Carolina have paved the roads we not to march on but build on to continue their dreams/ legacys so as I continue to and my wife build on our own buisness ventures(Graphics Arts & Crafts/decorating & sewing ) We will support anything(legal of course) others are starting from t-shirts hair/skin care products, clothing,produce by spending our $$$ with them because because if I earn $2.00 i will spent at least $1.00 back into the community. And we need to continue to support our churches and help them spread the word to let people know as they struggle that they are not alone thats the role of the WE the people. Thank You again from Uncle Bobby(A.K.A. scorpionbbb50) .


pjazzypar said...

I am with you on all of the problems around America in general and Michigan in particular. I read in Forbes Magazine that Flint was the 3rd most miserable city to live in and that is saying a lot! Detroit is #1! I remember what Michigan use to be in the glory days and I am appalled by the rate of unemployment, crime, senseless deaths, that transpire in that area. Obama just signed the childrens' health care bill and I am confident he will jump start the economy and clean up some of the mess the last administration left.

EmpressII said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. First of all, I would like to congratulate all the Americans with the new Mr President Barack Obama (I love the way you say it). Here in South Africa, most of the black population and some of the white population hoped that Mr Obama would win the election race. I was elated when the news came that he was President elect. I did not miss the inaugaration speech. He is such a well spoken man and I look up to him. I have always said, since the day I saw him on Oprah, that he would be just the man for the job.
I will write about our Mother city Cape Town, also our legislative Capital and post some pictures. South Africa is a wonderful and beautiful country but we do have our problems, especially now with the election coming up. I would love to hear your opinion about the politics in our country. Please would you, when you have the time, post some pictures of Flint as it is now. I have never seen pictures of Flint.

Have a super evening (now 11.02pm here in SA)